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LYH is a quintessential Virginian city with a leafy, historic veneer and an industrial heart. Its downtown and many neighborhoods offer a rich cultural character, a vital sense of the past and a growing contemporary energy. It attracts residents, companies, and visitors because it offers a revitalized and walkable downtown with eclectic shops and welcoming proprietors, a lushly green riverfront crisscrossed with trails and ways to explore, and opportunities in industries that are helping define the future.

People love LYH because it’s leaning into its future by repurposing, revitalizing and redefining itself without losing the sights, sounds, materials and textures of its history. They love that it’s a small city with an outsize ambition to become a truly welcoming place, working with energy and pride to look the future in the eye and offer a seat at the table for all.

Our 80,000 residents are smart, young, and diverse. It’s a proud citizenry that speaks authentically on behalf of our city and are its best ambassadors. LYH is a place where everyone can thrive. 

Top Reasons to Move to LYH

From its south-central Virginia setting to its historic downtown, friendly neighbors, and outdoor amenities, the City of Seven Hills offers locals the good life.

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